Feeling A Little Romantic

My writing has been taking a turn lately away from the murder and more towards the romance. This could be a reflection of a healthier psyche, or that I'm getting soft in my old age.

Whatever the reason, I have been sidetracked from the sequel to Such Beautiful Deadly Things and more and more my thoughts are turning to a romantic series. While I'm uncomfortable with leaving the current book unresolved (I like to finish what I've started), I'm also excited to see where these thoughts of romance are pulling me.

My first novel published by Oaktree Press, Lake Meade, was actually the winner of their "Timeless Romance" contest, which was a bit of a surprise to me as I had always thought of the manuscript as a mystery. But, I had submitted it thinking that it was a Romantic-Suspense novel, so why not give it a try. I was certainly glad I did, but didn't take the hint at the time that maybe the romance part was a stronger path for me.

Part of my conundrum is that I actually like writing the suspense (don't tell my husband, he might get worried I'm more into the murder thing than the romantic thing). So for now I will continue to scribble notes on the new book and see where it takes me.

All these thoughts of romance have me noticing couples on the thrift store shelves. Here's a few I've seen lately...

This bobble head couple never fights, they always nod in agreement with each other.

This couple is such an eerily accurate depiction of a typical day in my house...Mark reading over my shoulder while I play the lute.

I like how this set can be purchased with the disapproving mother-in-law included.

These guys are a little stiff, but I heard they loosen up after a margarita or two.

I think Sven and Ingrid here have already had some margaritas, or they just got back from a kick ass Oktoberfest...and since it's July, it must have been a hell of a time.

These two truly believe in equality in their marriage, two buckets each.

Matching bow tie and headscarf are the sign of a healthy marriage.

"Grow old along with me! 
The best is yet to be, 
The last of life, for which the first was made: " ~Robert Browning

Oh no...I think I may be a romantic after all!


  1. So funny - made me laugh out loud and since I am at work, and nothing here is funny, I may get in trouble. Also, I read Such Beautiful Deadly Things and loved it! Can't wait for the sequel - no pressure.

    1. It makes me so happy to hear I made you laugh :-)
      And even happier you enjoyed Such Beautiful Deadly Things. Thank you!


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Carol Ann's Corner

Carol Ann's Corner
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Real or Reproduction

As you are hunting around for treasure at yard sales and flea markets, you will come across things that make you wonder if they are original or reproductions. It can be hard to tell.

These are a couple tip offs.

One, does it look a little worn? It should if its really antique or vintage. Even the best kept china got moved around in the cabinet, the doll's vinyl body and hair faded a bit, or the lunch box got a little rust around the hinges. If it looks shiny and new, chances are it is.

Two, are there a lot of them? If you are in a shop or flea market stall and there are ten of the items you've been looking for and haven't been able to find...they have probably been manufactured. Unless you are at a reputable dealer who specializes in that item, then you may have hit the jackpot for your particular collectible.

A good way to gauge if it is a reputable dealer is they will be happy to answer your questions about if the item is authentic or not, and how you can tell. A dealer with a passion and knowledge about that item, will enjoy explaining that all to you. A disreputable dealer, not so much.

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