And again...and again

So far I have changed something in the Sunk manuscript and re-uploaded it to Amazon every night since the first time I did it.

I just can't resist taking one last look. Then I notice a word that should be in italics. Next I find a place where a comma should be. Then another place where a comma shouldn't be... I think the editing process is a never ending one.

So, like a drunk going on the wagon, I'm going to try and go at least two nights without changing a word. But I can't promise its not going to happen again.

And now I want to make some changes to the cover. Colors a little darker, name a little bigger and a border. Once I've done that,  I will "put it out there" in the world that Sunk is on-line.


Carol Ann's Corner

Carol Ann's Corner
Tips from our favorite shop keeper

Real or Reproduction

As you are hunting around for treasure at yard sales and flea markets, you will come across things that make you wonder if they are original or reproductions. It can be hard to tell.

These are a couple tip offs.

One, does it look a little worn? It should if its really antique or vintage. Even the best kept china got moved around in the cabinet, the doll's vinyl body and hair faded a bit, or the lunch box got a little rust around the hinges. If it looks shiny and new, chances are it is.

Two, are there a lot of them? If you are in a shop or flea market stall and there are ten of the items you've been looking for and haven't been able to find...they have probably been manufactured. Unless you are at a reputable dealer who specializes in that item, then you may have hit the jackpot for your particular collectible.

A good way to gauge if it is a reputable dealer is they will be happy to answer your questions about if the item is authentic or not, and how you can tell. A dealer with a passion and knowledge about that item, will enjoy explaining that all to you. A disreputable dealer, not so much.

Carol Ann Miller
Proprietor, Miller's Fine Antiques

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